Inside the Bank Of England's gold vault with a crazy haired professor!

This wonderfully bizarre video is well worth a watch if only for the presenter, a chemistry professors who describes what it's like to be allowed into the Bank of England's gold vaults. The vault contains a staggering £197 billion pounds worth of gold bars but despite this the professor is a bit sad that the gold isn't "doing exciting reactions and so on"!
Some interesting facts come out too from the enigmatic presenter:
  • There's no smell because the gold is un reactive
  • The UK has about 310 tonnes of gold in it's reserves
  • The oldest bar of gold has been in the vault since 1916
  • Each bar is between 12.4 kg (28lb) or 2 stones
  • Each bar is worth about £435,000
  • If the professors was 'worth his weight in gold' he would be worth £2.5 million pounds!
So there you go, if you sell your gold to Gold Reserves South Wales this is where it might end up!