Sell Gold By Post

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Any questions please contact our Swansea Market branch please TEXT US: 07787 051469


What we do buy by post:

  • Any Jewellery made from Gold, Platinum or Palladium
  • Condition is unimportant so new, used or broken is fine
  • Gold Coins like Sovereigns, Krugerrands etc.

What we don’t buy:

At the moment we are not seeking to buy any costume or silver* jewellery, watches or medals (unless solid gold) or and other jewellery that is not made from gold, platinum or palladium. If in doubt about the purity of your jewellery or items simply use the postal pack to send them in for a no-obligation assessment and valuation. 

*Please don’t send silver via the postal service but you are welcome to bring it into one of our branches for a free quotation and an instant cash purchase. 

What about Gemstones?

You can send us gold or platinum items set with gemstones however the quote you receive will only reflect the value of the metal content. Diamonds are the only exception with single stones above 10 points (1/10th carat) being priced individually according to quality.

Is it safe?

You will be sending the package using Royal Mail fully insured Special Delivery. The standard service is insured up to £500 and if you think your items could be worth more than that please upgrade to "Maximum Level Cover" which costs 3 or 4 pounds more but is covered up to £2500. Your postage cost will be fully reimbursed whether or not you decide to sell.

Will I be pressured into selling?

Please remember my guarantee – If you change your mind about selling just request we return your items when we contact you with the offer. Some companies make this extremely difficult for you – I am proud to say we are not one of them!      

If you have any further questions please feel free to call or text the Swansea store:

CLICK TO TEXT US: 07787 051469


 Kind regards and thanks for choosing us, 


Peter Middleton

Managing Director

Gold Reserves Limited

Gold Standard

This Business adheres to the Trading Standards Gold Standard