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"Diamonds are forever...", is an ideology that has fallen out of favour. For many, this change of heart is a result of the need or desire to turn unwanted gems in to ready cash Best Prices Paid In Wales

We Buy Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium

Many want to sell diamonds for cash and spend it on new home decoration, travel or even a child's education. For some, they wish to sell inherited diamond jewellery to buy more contemporary pieces. So if you've been searching for a respected diamond buyer in South Wales, you've found it. At Gold Reserves we buy diamonds and diamond jewellery at the best prices. 

The 4Cs Of Diamond Valuation

First C is CUT, simply because it has the greatest impact on the way a diamond sparkles. Second is COLOR. This C represents the diamond's absence of colour. Less colour denotes a higher grade. Next is CLARITY, which is significant as flaws reduce value. Finally, CARAT is the C that relates to the diamond's weight.

How to Sell Diamond Jewellery

It has been said that diamonds are worth a small fortune. This may be true on occasion, but it's essential consider market fluctuations. Before you dash out to cash in your gem collection. It is extremely important that you secure a precise evaluation of your jewellery's value and quality before selling. At Gold Reserves this process is very easy. Simply call in to your nearest store and get a fast fair market valuation. When considering selling diamond jewellery, you really need to ensure that you begin with the correct information. We buy diamonds regularly and always offer the very best prices available. Don't accept less, sell your diamonds for the best price at Gold Reserves

Why Sell Diamond Jewellery to Gold Reserves?

When you deal with our knowledgeable diamond buying staff, you can look forward to a rewarding experience from beginning to end. Our team includes in house jewellery certified appraisers, who have access to the most effective resources to perform comprehensive evaluations of purity, weight and value of each piece and individual gem-stones. That's how we can guarantee that you are going to get the best deal for diamond jewellery with Gold Reserves! We buy diamonds, diamond jewellery and diamond set time pieces. We've been in the diamond business for over 100 years, providing a 100% transparent service. We have a solid reputation in the industry for selling and buying diamonds, gold and silver jewellery. Call into one of our stores today and turn your old unwanted jewellery into cash.

My price promise to you!

"I will beat any genuine quotation you obtain from one of our competitors. If some of your items are re-saleable I can offer you more than the scrap buyers."

Peter Middleton, Director at Gold Reserves


Ready to Sell Diamonds at Gold Reserves?

The process is fast and simple, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call into one of our shops across South Wales today for a warm welcome and instant diamond valuation.

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