Best prices for your Gold Coins

Gold coins can be worth a whole lot more than some dealers will have you believe. They're definitely "worth their weight in gold" buy if they are collectable, they tend to be worth more than their melt value to the right collector.

Best Prices Paid In Wales

We Buy Gold Coins, Sovereigns, Krugerrand and more We have a distinct perspective when we buy gold coins. Rather than merely weighing your gold and silver coins and dropping them in our melting pot, we first identify their unique collectable value. Regardless of whether you've got a gold sovereign or a British Britannia 1-Ounce Gold Coin, we will carry out a thorough investigation to discover the best price and make you the best offer.

Cash For Gold Coins At South Wales Top Gold Buyers

Whether you happen to be looking for the number 1 place to sell gold coins, trying to find a respected coin dealer or just wondering how you can sell your gold coins for as much as possible, you've found the right place. We buy gold coins or all types. Some of the most popular are as follows:

  • Full Gold sovereign
  • Gold Full sovereign
  • Half Gold sovereign
  • Gold Half sovereign
  • Full Victoria Gold Sovereign
  • Full George Gold sovereign
  • Full Edward Gold Sovereign
  • Victoria Half sovereign
  • Krugerrand

Why Sell Gold Coins to Gold Reserves?

Our remarkable team of coin experts, known as numismatic professionals have over 100 years of experience selling and buying coins. In contrast to most jewellery dealers, where confidentiality is rarely available, we can provide you a private, non-public office setting to sell gold coins with privacy and security. Our coin experts are available to answer any questions about your coins, the process and estimated value, with no obligation to sell. We buy gold coins in all conditions and from all countries of origin. Don't accept less, sell your coins for the best price at Gold Reserves

So, how much is my gold coin worth?

This is definitely one question that can't accurately be answered online or over the phone. It's essential to view the actual coin to establish its precise value. Undoubtedly many gold and silver coins have implicit value, which means their value is at the very least equivalent to the weight of precious metal. At Gold Reserves, our coin specialists are skilled at identifying your individual coins, assess the highest value, whether that's the scrap metal value or numismatic value and offer you very best cash price available.

What we do buy at our stores

We specialize in:

  • Any Jewellery made from Gold, Silver Platinum or Palladium
  • Condition is unimportant so new, used or broken is fine
  • Gold Coins like Sovereigns, Krugerrands etc.
  • Gold Watches
  • Gold and Silver Bullion Bars
  • Silver Coins
  • Silverware and cutlery

What we don’t buy

At the moment we are not seeking to buy any costume jewellery, watches or medals (unless solid gold) or and other jewellery that is not made from gold, silver, platinum or palladium. If in doubt about the purity of your jewellery simply bring them in for a no-obligation assessment and valuation.

What about Gemstones?

We do buy items set with gemstones however the quote you receive will only reflect the value of the metal content. Diamonds or exceptional coloured stones are the only exception with single stones above 10 points (1/10th carat) being priced individually according to quality.

My price promise to you

“I will beat any genuine quotation you obtain from one of our competitors. If some of your items are re-saleable I can offer you more than the scrap buyers.”
Peter Middleton, Director at Gold Reserves

Ready to Sell Jewellery at Gold Reserves?

With over 100 years of combined experience in jewellery industry, Gold Reserves are leading industry experts in precious metals appraisal and analysis. The process is quick, easy, convenient with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Pop into one of our stores across South Wales for a fast and friendly quotation.

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Ready to Sell Jewellery at Gold Reserves?

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