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See the transcripts of a few of our Radio testimonials from genuine customers who've agreed to share their experience with our service

Mrs Richards

Peter: I believe you had a very good reason for getting rid of your gold today. Mrs Richards: Yes I have – its all been in the drawer for years and all the money I’ve raised today will go to the renal unit at Morriston Hospital along with donations from my husband’s funeral a month ago.
Peter: And were you happy with the price you got?
Mrs Richards: Absolutely delighted, delighted with the service and the friendship and the support, very pleased.
Peter: That’s very kind of you to say, thanks very much.

Mrs Gallagher

Peter: "I understand you’ve brought some stuff in today Mrs Gallagher? How much did you think you were going to go away with today?"
Mrs G: "Well really no idea, but as I say, I was just hoping for enough to afford an item that I’ve been waiting to buy."
Peter: "So how much did you end up getting for your silver and your gold?" Mrs G: "Two thousand and fifty five pounds."
Peter: "Well that’s amazing. I bet you were very surprised?"
Mrs G: "Absolutely delighted. And I must say I was put under no pressure whatsoever, but I could have refused but I’m very, very happy."

Mrs Williams from Birchgrove

Peter: "Mrs Williams, I saw you yesterday, you’re back again today, why is that?"
Mrs W: "You gave me such a good price yesterday for jewellery that I haven’t worn in years, so when I got home I looked for extra jewellery and found I had some more and I thought, right, I had such a good price yesterday I'd come back today, so now I’ve more or less paid for my holiday."
Peter: "Did you have more than you thought you’d get?"
Mrs W: "I had a lot more than what I thought."
Peter: "So what would you say to anyone who had some jewellery hanging about and they couldn’t be bothered to bring it in, is it worth doing?"
Mrs W: "Definitely, a hundred percent."

Mrs Walters

Peter: "I’m here with Mrs Walters who just brought some gold in to sell, how much do you think it was worth madam?"
Mrs W: "£20, £25 at the most."
Peter: "And how much did you get?"
Mrs W: "£420."
Peter: "So what would you say to anyone who had a little bit of gold that they didn’t think was worth anything?"
Mrs W: "Well it’s amazing, it’s truly amazing get rid of it, it’s only in the cupboards, drawers, whatever."
Peter: "Were you happy with the service you got here?"
Mrs W: "Really happy, yes… yes."

Mr Eynon from Penclawydd

Peter: "I’m here with Mr Eynon from Penclawdd, he’s come into Gold Reserves today to sell some gold and I understand you’ve been to a couple of other places today, is that correct?"
Mr E: "Yes that’s correct. I went to three other places and I ended up coming back to Gold Reserves because they gave me the best price for my gold." Peter: "Fantastic, so what would you say to anybody who had a few bits and pieces hanging around in the drawers that they want to get rid of?"
Mr E: "If anyone’s got any gold to sell, broken jewellery, earrings, bracelets, come to Gold Reserves because they give you the best price."

Mrs Bendle from Skewen

Peter: "Mrs Bendle you’ve come into Gold Reserves today with some bits and pieces, a chain and a couple of rings, I think it was, wasn’t it?"
Mrs Bendle: "Yes."
Peter: "How much do you think you were going to get for it?"
Mrs Bendle: "About £20, £30."
Peter: "And how much did we give you?"
Mrs Bendle: "£133… great, great go towards my holiday now!"
Peter: "So what would you say to anyone who had one or two bits of gold bringing in that they didn’t think was worth anything?"
Mrs Bendle: "It’s worth doing it – it’s worth bringing it in just to see, you know, it’s more than I thought."