Platinum Price Per Gram UK

We won't be beaten on price We pay the highest platinum prices per gram UK guaranteed. Our prices are updated every 2 minutes. We buy all standards of platinum, from coins to jewellery, it doesn't matter what the condition, however if your goods are collectable or resalable we're able to offer you a whole lot more.

Determining you platinum price per gram is easy at Gold Reserves. Simply call down to one of our shops in Swansea, Cardiff & Llanelli and we will give you with an immediate on the spot price.

If you've got an diverse collection of platinum, our friendly platinum specialists can establish the specific purities and weight of each item and provide you with a breakdown of your goods

Before 1975, there had been no necessity for an item of jewellery that contained platinum to be hallmarked and no standard pertaining to purity. Therefore, older pieces of jewellery simply have a 'plat' or 'pt' markings. These items will have to be examined by us to ascertain the platinum content.

These day there are four recognised levels of purity for platinum:

  • 850 (85%) Platinum
  • 900 (90%) Platinum
  • 950 (95%) Platinum
  • 999 (Fine) Platinum

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Call into our stores, we'll weigh and determine the purity of your platinum jewellery and offer you an on the spot cash offer. Ensure that you remember, scrap platinum prices adjust every day the rates offered are precisely what we're paying on the day.

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We buy any scrap, old, impaired and undesirable platinum jewellery such as; platinum rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, chains etc. The process is fast, simple and effortless with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Drop into one of our shops across South Wales.