When is the best time to Sell My Gold in UK

We won't be beaten on price The gold sector is in a continual state of flux. Understanding when the market may spike or fall is almost impossible, because it does not depend on any specific business or globe events. Logically, the better time to sell gold is when the market drops. Nevertheless, the market is volatile, therefore the question, when is best to sell my gold in UK is indeterminable. While it may be best to await for a market decrease, there's no telling when this might take place. Practically, the ideal time to sell your gold might simply be when you need the cash.

What are the most secure methods to sell my gold in UK?

Selling gold to a private professional buyer such as Gold Reserves is the easiest, fastest, safest and best way to guarantee the highest prices, as we are furnished with accreditations, equipment and over 100 years experience in buying gold.

Any facts I should Know when selling my gold?

  • Pure gold is considered too soft for jewellery, hence the majority gold is either 18K or 14k.
  • While the value of gold does not drastically shift frequently, over time you'll see the value of gold shift 100s of pounds

So before you head out and attempt to cash in on your gold stash, ensure that you remember these tips

Best ways to discover a reliable place to sell my gold in UK?

The preferred method to seek out a trusted gold buyer is to confirm testimonials. The buyer should also be licensed to buy gold. Anytime you bring gold in to sell, we are required by law to ask to see identification. If your buyer doesn't have a license and they don't as to see yours, look for another buyer.

Ready to Sell Gold at Gold Reserves?

With over 100 years of combined experience in jewellery industry, Gold Reserves are leading industry experts in precious metals appraisal and analysis. The process is quick, easy, convenient with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Pop into one of our stores across South Wales