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We won't be beaten on price The most frequent question be get asked is what is the price of gold today in GBP Sterling. The price changes constantly and is up to date every minute. The following gold price displays the current gold price Market demand for gold bars and coins continues to soar as individuals are working much harder than ever before to safeguard their investment against inflation and depreciation. Additionally to preserving their loved ones' wealth with gold, optimistic traders are looking for robust earnings on their investment. As stocks & shares, currencies and real estate are continuously declining in an underperforming Britain and broader economy, many are exploring ways to diversify their financial investments and placing their cash into actual gold which has continually outperformed the market. The price of gold today frequently changes. Tracking the daily gold price has grown to be a typical component of most investors days. Gold Reserves believe there's never a wrong time to buy gold. Nonetheless, investors decide to purchase at different times. Many investors monitor the daily gold price and grab gold when the prices are increasing. Conversely some decide to buy when the price of gold is on a downswing. It is however worth observing that while the price of gold today can fluctuate £10-20 per ounce, this is not a defining distinction between a good or bad investment. For anyone who is confident that the gold price will increase over time, we advocate buying gold whenever you can.

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"I will beat any genuine quotation you obtain from one of our competitors. If some of your items are re-saleable I can offer you more than the scrap buyers."
Peter Middleton, Director at Gold Reserves

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