Gold price calculator : How you can do it yourself

We won't be beaten on price Gold prices have the tendency to increase when the economic climate is flat. However, before you bring your old gold jewellery in, there are ways you can check the value without a special gold price calculator. This will help you to know if you are offered a fair deal. At Gold Reserves we guarantee the best prices, but why not have a little go yourself.

Gold price calculator UK - The Magnifying Glass test

You can use a magnifying glass to understand the carat count. First categorising your gold by its carat weight can help assess its value and highlight objects that aren't even gold. Please note that a great deal of the gold jewellery produced before 1980 is a little below its labelled carat value. For instance, if you looking for 9ct gold price calculator, if it's marked 9ct its is probably around 8.5ct. In 1980, the legislation pertaining to the marking and purity of gold were updated.

Gold price calculator UK - The Acid Test

If you are still unsure whether an item is gold or not, you have 2 options here, the acid test and the Skey test. Acid test kits can be bought from online. A kit will usually contain 10ct, 14ct, 18ct and 22ct testing acid. It will also come with a test stone made from different materials, such as novaculite or other flint materials. For gold believed to be 14ct, rub the product on the stone and squirt a drop of 14ct acid onto the mark. If your object is 14cr gold, it'll stand the acid and not change. If for example it's 10ct, the 14ct acid will change it to brown and if it entirely evaporates, it isn't even gold.

Gold price calculator UK - The Skey Test

For the Skey test, begin by buying a gold tester. These testers are around £30 and will last for approx 1000 tests. This is a safe test option to acid and will precisely test on metals including white gold. Carefully write a 5mm line and redraw the line 4 times without lifting the pen tip from the test metal. Instantly write a line on a piece of white paper. Under 10ct - , the line is light brown and change to green in seconds
  • 10ct, the line is light brown
  • 14ct, the line is dark brown
  • 18ct, the line is orange
  • 24ct, the line is red
Should there be no line whatsoever, it's not gold

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