9ct gold price per gram: The Facts

We won't be beaten on price We thought we would put together this easy to follow information to help you understand how the price of 9ct gold per gram is arrived at and to help you decide if it's worth selling your gold. Much like the value of any stock, the price of 9ct gold per gram is driven by supply and demand. You will discover, nonetheless a variety of aspects that render buying and selling 9 ct gold unlike other items. Gold never goes bad, is never modified and is rarely thrown away. In recent times, the principal reason that 9ct gold price per gram has increased is as a consequence of worldwide money markets. Since currency exchange and stocks & shares are unpredictable, we are now seeking out investments that will not depreciate in value, such as gold.

Gold Purity

The carat score of gold impacts the price, utility, durability and colour. Gold purity is determined in a total of 24 units, or carats. 100% pure gold is known as 24 carats, in other words; 24 out of 24 units. Consequently, 9ct gold is made up of 9 parts gold and 15 parts other alloys; normally copper or silver, therefore it has a purity of 37.5%.

Calculate Current 9ct Gold Price Per Gram

Today's price of 9ct gold per gram changes every 2 minutes, so we recommend monitoring the price. The easy way to guarantee the best price, is to call into one of our South Wales stores and we'll be able to provide you with an instant valuation based on carat and weight. But remember, if your piece is collectable or resalable we can offer you even more. You'll commonly observe gold prices estimated in "troy ounces", where 1 troy ounce is equivalent to 31.1 grams. If you want to calculate your gold price per gram from troy ounces, multiply your quoted amount by 31.1 and have your figure.

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