Maximise Rare And Old Coins Value

We won't be beaten on price Regardless of whether you've been passed down a collection of old coins or devoted many years building a remarkable collection, there might come a time that you decide to sell you collection to invest in something new or book that long awaited holiday. At Gold reserves we will help you realise your real rare and old coin value.

When investigating coin values and how to sell them, the internet is generally the first source many people turn to, nowadays there are 100s of websites that offer to buy your coins. However, it's essential to understand that the majority of these website aren't always created to guide you to accomplish the best coin values.

Gold Reserves established since 1992, has a team of coin experts with a combined experience of over 100 years, with the knowledge and network of resources to ensure you get the best possible price for you collection.

Four things to avoid if you want to optimise your old coins value

  1. You should never clean your coins - Cleaning a coin can decrease its value, so simply don't do it! Seek advice from a numismatic specialist such as Gold Reserves and if pertinent, we can clean your coin for you.
  2. Don't get lured by online prices - It isn't difficult to misunderstand online price guidelines, especially regarding the grading criteria used to establish coin values.
  3. Don't attempt to sell your precious coins in print publications - While you will discover many exceptional professional numismatic publications. There are certainly considerably safer methods to realise you coin values.
  4. Never go to a pawn shop - Pawn shops may offer you instant cash, however they'll never pay you the full rare and old coins value.

Ready to Sell Coins at Gold Reserves?

The procedure is quick and easy, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Visit one of our stores across South Wales today for a friendly, instantaneous cash for coin valuation.