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Vacancies in Swansea & Cardiff!

Our business has grown over the last few months and we now need to add to our experienced team in order to facilitate the growth of our business, as well as the roles and responsibilities within it.

We are now hiring at our Swansea and Cardiff branches! We are looking for driven individuals who are willing to maintain our high standards when it comes to customer interactions.

As a Sales Assistant, you will have to deal with a wide variety of scenarios in our stores on a daily basis. You must be calm and adaptable in order to solve problems efficiently, while also being kind and considerate - you must be able to relate to our customers and ensure that they leave happy and satisfied with our service!

Key skills

Our Sales assistants must be able to work well as part of a team; at Gold Reserves we are a close family and we do not have any tolerance for toxicity / negativity in the workplace.

Honesty and kindness are a major part of our business, we like to nurture relationships with our customers to ensure they have a fabulous experience whether they are buying, selling or repairing with us.

Ideally a Sales assistant will have used a digital Point of Sale and have experience handling a till and the related systems, however it is not required and is a skill that can be picked up quickly.

You must be willing to keep learning, our business offers a wide range of services - no matter how experienced you are you will come across scenarios and queries that you have not encountered before. This is not a problem of course! But you must be willing to keep learning while working with us, as there is a vast amount to know about in the world of Jewellery.


The rewards for meeting the above criteria for 18 years old or over are as follows:

  • Real Living Wage Salary of £9.90 Per hour
  • Generous Bonuses
  • And being part of a fun and supportive team!

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