Our Repair & Alterations Service

We have an in-house, state of the art workshop located in our Cardiff store, capable of dealing with a plethora of everyday repairs as well as restoring your jewellery to a 'like new' standard!

We have also teamed up with several specialist goldsmiths to be able to offer what we believe is the number one repair service available. If we can't do it - it can't be done!

We specialize in:

  • Jewellery Alterations
  • Jewellery Repairs
  • Jewellery Refurbishment
  • Sizing, Soldering and Setting

We Offer Many More Services

We also offer many more services, such as rebuilding/re-making of old and worn items that you may think are not able to be brought back to life!

Also, we offer complimentary cleaning included with all repairs! Meaning any job you undertake with us, we will return your item not only restored to its former glory, but also cleaned to look just as stunning as the day it was bought!

Our prices are extremely competitive and turnaround times are the best in the industry. Many repairs can be done the same day at the Cardiff store, or you can drop off at any of our other branches for a one week turn around (we can sometimes have a quicker turn-around if you have a jewellery 'emergency')! Many companies in our industry will overcharge on simple jobs, often taking advantage of the fact that a lot of jewellery holds sentimental value. We've heard too many stories from customers who've come to us after receiving extortionate quotes from jewellers, which has always disgusted us. We are completely transparent in our repair prices, with a fixed price list for standard jobs, and offering no-obligation free quotes with more complex jobs. We wholeheartedly promise that when we undertake a repair job for you, you will never be overcharged. 

What Is Rhodium Plating?

Rhodium is the World's most expensive precious metal! It is used to plate White Gold, Platinum and in some cases Silver Jewellery. This is done to give a tarnish resistant pure-white appearance to the metals. It is also hypoallergenic so less likely to react with sensitive skins.

If your white precious metal jewellery is starting to lose its shiny white lustre and starting to go dull or slightly yellowing, the chances are it needs re-rhodium plating.

We have invested in state of the art cold plating equipment to re-finish you worn wedding ring or other jewellery to make it better than new and to give you a long lasting finish. This process is not to be confused with inferior 'pen plating' systems used by most other jewellers. 

Before and Afters

Replacement shank, re-setting of stone into it and finally a thorough deep clean to return it to its former glory

Our better-than-new refurbishment! From faded and dull to better than new!

Three very precise solders to fix the Tree of Life pattern back onto the bracelet

A seamless repair that involves adding gold to the ring in order to reform the cut section while preserving the shape and size

We can still seamlessly repair the cut while keeping the pattern all the way around

Gold taken from a section of a curb chain, turned into a plain wedding band with a soft court shape

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