XRF what?! Gold Reserves first jewellers in country to have new gizmo!

We had a problem to solve and that was how do we value something like a gold watch or un-hallmarked jewellery (usually foreign)? Other gold buying companies scrape the item and use acid tests (which leave a permanent stain ) but that didn't seem fair to the customer so we wanted to find a better way. The solution was to buy a special bit of kit called an X-Ray Fluorescence machine of course! The name is like something out of a sci-fi movie but here's what it basically does: An XRF machine enables us to perform a non-destructive test on their jewellery to determine the exact purity of the gold. This will be especially useful if the jewellery was bought on holiday from Turkey for example, the Far East or anywhere else. Also it works perfectly for jewellery that is broken or not hallmarked. Using this machine we can determine if its 8,9,10,14,18,21 or 22 carat gold and the value difference is significant for the customer. "We will be the only Jeweller in the country offering this degree of certainty so you can be sure you're getting the true value of your unwanted jewellery." - Peter Middleton, Managing director of Gold Reserves. It doesn't have to be just gold either - we could test any metal items e.g. silver or platinum.
Pete Middleton from Gold Reserves with the Olympus XRF machine analysing a gold ring to find out what sort of gold it is made from
This state-of-the-art piece of equipment can determine the exact properties of any metal item and Gold Reserves is the only Jewellers in Wales that uses this piece of equipment
The XFR machine uses a non destructive process ideal for gold watches for example but it also gives us an unbeatable 99.7% accuracy in valuing any precious metal item
This service is currently only available in our Swansea Jewellery shop.