Sometimes only hand-picked will do! Choosing our new collection at the 2013 International Spring Fair,Birmingham NEC

Gold reserves is well known now for buying gold in Swansea but we are still first and foremost a retail Jewellers. We try hard to ensure we have the best, most current stock that people love and can't find anywhere else at the same price. We're a family run business and so the best person to choose the new jewellery is Zara my wife! We were at the Spring Fair in Birmingham last week to see the latest trends and hand pick the newest designs with the highest quality precious stones, an attention to detail you would never get at any chainstore!
We hand pick the jewellery so you benefit from the best possible selection containing only the finest pieces – at no extra cost!
It's not just the girls getting involved in the choosing too! Here I am showing off the new spring range of gorgeous wedding rings that will be in our stores in a few weeks time, I will keep you posted!