New Shop and an amazing offer of 50% off all Silver jewellery!

Gold Reserves has been very busy recently and that’s mostly because we’ve bought a new shop! The really good news for customers is we now have too much stock especially silver jewellery and so we’re selling all the new shop’s stock off at HALF PRICE! The jewellery isn't just any old silver either, this is our best quality beautiful jewellery. Take a look at some of the pictures below:
Remember, all the stock is HALF THE TICKET PRICE shown in the pictures!
To claim this offer just show your Gold Reserves VIP loyalty card, if you haven’t got one yet or you've lost yours just ask for one in store. Once this jewellery has gone, it’s hurry as we might never be able to do an offer like this again. Some people are already taking full advantage of the offer; Gill and Chris two of our best customers told us why they love shopping for jewellery in Swansea with Gold Reserves:
The new shop is located at 23e Swansea Market and is just opposite to our existing 'Gold Reserves' unit. Look for the old business name of ‘Affinity Jewellery’. Be quick and get your Valentine’s day gifts at HALF THE PRICE SHOWN ON PRICE TAGS!