August Birthstone - Peridot!


The fabled origin of Peridot stretches back to Ancient Egypt, on the volcanic island of Zebargad in the Red Sea. Peridot was so treasured by the Ancient Egyptians that they kept the island's location a secret. With the fall of the Egyptian empire, the island became lost to antiquity, and was only rediscovered in 1906.

The peridot birthstone is known for being formed under extreme conditions, as it can be found in the hardened lava that carried it from deep within Earth's mantle as well as in meteorites that travelled from outer space.



Green, the colour of peridot, is associated with the wood element. Wood is one of the five elements used in feng shui, and we often call on wood energy when we want to invite kindness, flexibility, growth, and healing.


Caring for your Peridot

Peridot is not an extremely hard gem, so use of ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners is not recommended. Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme heat, acids and sudden temperature changes. Peridot jewellery is best cleaned with warm, sudsy water and a tightly woven microfiber or other soft cloth.


Other August Birthstones 

There are other popular August gemstones which are Spinel and Sardonyx. The spinel birthstone was under-appreciated until recently, as today’s consumers look for an alternative to ruby, a gem with which red spinel was mistaken for centuries. Sardonyx is the original August birthstone, with a history that dates back more than 4,000 years. It is usually a striped orange and white gemstone known as a fire stone.


Origin: Egypt originally, Pakistan, Afganistan
Colour: yellowish green colour
Known to offer: peridot is the stone of compassion, known to offer health, restful sleep and balanced emotions in relationships 
In Hawaiian legends, the volcanic goddess, Pele, is the creator of the islands, a woman of fire and land. With many battles and jealousy are spanning the goddess's lifetime, it is believed by some that peridot stones are Pele's tears.


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