Scrap Gold Calculator: How To Value It

We won't be beaten on price In the existing gold marketplace, you're going to have no troubles selling your scrap gold, however it's important to be sure you're achieving the best price for it. High-street jewellery retailers will underestimate your scrap gold to earn excessive profits, you'll want to get understand how a scrap gold calculator works.

How gold calculator applies to jewellery

If you've got a few items, only weigh them collectively when they are the exact same carat volume and have already been divided into coins or jewellery. You will then need to calculate the grams of gold and compare that to the latest spot prices.

The gold spot price is assessed in ounces, however you'll probably have to translate your gold into grams. Jewellery is 28 per ounce, coins are assessed in troy ounces which add up to 31.1g an ounce.

How is do you figure out the amount pure gold your items includes?

This is distinguished by the carat size:
  • 14C is 58.3% pure
  • 18C is 75% pure
  • 22C is 91.7% pure
  • 24C is 99.9 +

How To Calculate Gold Coins

Consequently to apply scrap gold calculator mathematics to coins, take the current spot price, lets say for example £800 and divide it by 31.1g = £25.72 per gram. Then multiply that by gold content. For instance if you have a 14C gold coin, 25.72 x .583 = £14.99 per gram. Then determine the weight in grams, therefore as an example, if you've got a Sovereign of 6g you take 14.99 x 6 = £89.94.

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