Best Time To Sell Gold 20 Year High

Gold Price All Time High As Wales' No.1 Gold Buyers we reinforce this by offering a "Best Gold Price Guarantee".

Gold breaks all time high

It truly is the best time to sell gold. Gold prices have reached the highest ever as investors prepare for an interest rate slash by the US Federal Reserve and look for a safer investment amongst trepidation between Washington D.C. and Tehran. Gold prices appear to have soared by the drop in bond yields, or the interest rate remitted by bond issuers, that moves conversely to their rates. The majority of the healthiest sovereign bonds are currently yielding a negative return, which means that investors are essentially having to pay for the privilege of lending cash to consumers, with the consequence that gold is much more appealing. Investors moreover have the tendency to buy gold, that has comparatively minimal viable value and results in no return, during times of geopolitical turmoil.

Best Time To Sell Gold Ever!!

During recent month the Gold Price has gathered momentum, now hitting the all time high, as the US central bank has implemented a more "dovish" (When an economy isn't improving and the government wishes to safeguard against deflation) tone. Recent reports revealed it absolutely was open to interest rate reduction in the midst of questions over US economic growth. This has weakened the dollar attractiveness, that for most of 2019 had remained, as perceived by investors, as the right place to invest cash as the trade quarrel between the USA and China has become more intense. The value of negative yielding bonds has soared to a new record of over £10tn ($12.5tn) recently after the European Central Bank suggested it may resume its “quantitative easing” program. Since Gold provides no yield and a lower dollar rate makes the metal inexpensive for buyers holding other currencies, it's the best time to sell gold in almost 20 years. “Loosely speaking, the accrual of negative yielding liabilities is good for gold, as it demonstrates a combination of easy monetary policies, economic turmoil and safe haven investor need, all of these should certainly improve gold,”, said precious metals analyst at HSBC, James Steel. So what are you waiting for it genuinely is the best time to sell gold - Head down to one of Gold Reserves 3 South Wales stores today for the BEST GOLD PRICE GUARANTEED

My price promise to you!

"I will beat any genuine quotation you obtain from one of our competitors. If some of your items are re-saleable I can offer you more than the scrap buyers."
Peter Middleton, Director at Gold Reserves
Price Guarantee T&C:
  • You will need to show a written offer to buy your gold & silver from a recognised gold buyer within 10 miles of one of our stores, dated the same day you visit us. We need this simply because gold prices fluctuate daily, so therefore, an offer from a few days ago may not necessarily be applicable.
  • The quote needs to be based upon the precious metal value only and not any gemstones or diamonds.
  • The offer is subject to our own in store evaluation, testing and store manager's discretion. For instance, in the event that the alternative gold buyer has miscalculated the carat of a piece, we will not beat that price.