Worth it's wait in gold...

Breaking news in the gold industry today, confirming that now definitely IS the time to part with your gold / jewellery.

Thursday afternoon, 15th January 2015, figures and records have been released, showing that gold is truly soaring in price across this week, peaking this afternoon (Thursday 15th Jan 2015). So if people have been holding onto jewellery until now… it might be worth its weight in gold – quite literally!

The gold price itself is about to break a 12-month high – presenting a real ‘golden’ opportunity for anyone out there that is thinking about parting with unwanted or unneeded gold jewellery.

Details show that the gold prices are soaring currently above the last 12 months, ensuring that consumers are getting more for their gold than they would have done the last 12 months!

Peter Middleton of Gold Reserves Swansea, Llanelli and Cardiff says of the ‘peak’;

“If they continue to rise we might be looking at an ‘all time’ record breaking high for the price of gold… perfect for all our customers or anyone out there who is looking or thinking about selling their gold. They’ll certainly be getting a great deal from us if they come and see us in store”

So now really is the time to cash in any unwanted jewellery – you never know how much you might get for it, it certainly is a golden opportunity.

You can find out more about Gold Reserves by visiting www.goldreserves.co.uk