Our Repairs!

We pride ourselves on the wide variety of repair and alterations that we take on every week thanks to our expert gold smiths. We are able to get your jobs done to a professional standard at a very affordable cost, thanks to our highly competitive pricing, combined with free cleaning on all repairs, we guarantee it'll feel like a brand new piece of jewellery!

Below is a small list of common jobs as well as their prices, we can work with Gold, Silver and Platinum!

  • Solder for chain, bracelet, ring or necklace from £8 to £30 depending on metal type
  • Ring stretch from £12 to £80 depending on metal type
  • Ring Shank from £60 to £120 for a half and £100 to £200 for a full
  • Stone replacement with cubic zirconia is £8 and £35 per claw
  • Stone replacement with diamonds can range from £45 to £200 depending on size
  • Deep cleaning from £4 to £8 depending on metal type
  • Re-rhodium plating £35

*Anything not listed above will likely be done by free, no obligation quote!

What is Rhodium plating?

Rhodium is one of the rarest and most expensive metals on Earth, it is used in a variety of applications from electronics to jewellery. Its role in the jewellery industry is primarily in what you may know as 'White Gold'. White gold is in fact just regular Gold with a rhodium plating, rhodium is responsible for the bright white finish that the modern jewellery community has fallen in love with!

White Gold has a finish very different to that of Platinum or Silver, which is thanks to the fact that Gold is one of the least reactive elements on Earth, without overcomplicating things; that means it stays very shiny and can be easily cleaned! Rhodium enhances this quality of Gold, making White Gold very easy to discern from Silver of Palladium. Rhodium can also be applied to Silver in order to prevent it from tarnishing!

Our Rhodium plating service allows you to restore your White Gold or Silver pieces to a 'better than new' condition! You can also have Yellow Gold items plated to change their style completely. We offer complimentary deep cleaning with any Rhodium plating related request, bringing your old or worn down jewellery back to life! Enquire now by calling or texting 07787 051469 or pop in to one of our stores and speak with our friendly staff!