The irresistible charm of Rubies

Rubies are among the most popular of all coloured gemstones, often said to have healing abilities and promote the general wellbeing of those who wear them. This week's blog focuses on the famed July Birthstone. We will look at everything, from where they come from to how they are masterfully incorporated into the remarkable pieces of jewellery with which we are accustomed!

Regarded as the 'King of Precious stones' in Ancient India, predominately for its rarity and durability as well as their belief that the stone held mystical powers, Indian jewellery saw Rubies become associated with longevity: most likely due to its blood-red colour. These beliefs that the stone held healing and life force enhancing capabilities were shared by other civilisations many centuries ago. It is easy to see why Ruby is still such a popular stone today. While the beliefs held by those of the past that asserted the gemstone's magical powers may not be so prevalent today, their sentiment and history make ruby jewellery an ideal gift for a loved one, to demonstrate a desire to care for and protect them. This coupled with the stone's high value shows a level of thought and dedication that most other gift ideas would certainly struggle to contend with!

Nearly 90% of the world's Rubies hail from the infamous and rather aptly named 'Valley of Rubies' in Mogok, Myanmar. A sought after variation of Rubies dubbed 'pigeons blood' sets the quality worldwide, as it happens Mogok is known for this particular colouration of Ruby. Blood-red with a faint tint of purple, the pigeon's blood Ruby is considered the ideal colour for the precious gemstone and for good reason, the stunning depth added to the vibrant blood red by the trace of purple is only really recognisable when you look closely, however its effect is noticeable. Thus making it a beautiful stone to mount in jewellery, something made evident by the fact that Rubies make their way into even the Royal's attire; with Queen Victoria's coronation ring, The Imperial State Crown and the Crown Rubies for which the Queen Mother was known to frequently wear are among the coveted collection of beautiful jewellery that predominately feature the blood red coloured stone.