Peridot, Spinel and Sardonyx

August has in fact got three birthstones; Peridot, Spinel and Sardonyx. Quite unusual but a blessing for those looking for birthstone related gifts for loved ones in August as it makes for a much larger selection of jewellery!


Peridot has for centuries been regarded as a protective talisman against evil spirits. The gemstone was frequently found in Priests' jewellery as well as in the chalices and churches across medieval Europe. It has been associated with Strength and Balance, with the popular belief being that it brought peace and health upon those in its presence by harmonising the body and mind.

These connotations make it a very thoughtful gift to give to a loved one


Spinel comes in a variety of colours, the most well known of which being a vivid light blue, somewhere between Aquamarine and Sapphire in terms of colour. A 170 ct Red Spinel adorns the British Imperial State Crown, that being the centrepiece of the well known headpiece. It is believed that Spinel eases anger and promotes passion and longevity, it is given as a 22nd Anniversary Gift for this reason, as it symbolises a long lasting relationship between two lovers.


Sardonyx is the final August birthstone. A popular choice for Cameo jewellery, Sardonyx was commonly given to soldiers and warriors in the form of rings. It was also thought to have adorned the armour of the High Priest. It embodies confidence, optimism and strength, making it easy to see why it was favour by the warriors of the past. Nowadays it is seen to represent lasting happiness and stability within ones life, whether that be in relationships, work or health. Another very thoughtful gift for those born in August