Launch of our Handmade Crystal Necklaces!

We are so excited to launch our new handmade crystal necklace range for summer! This Gold Reserves collection is limited edition and are now available in gold and silver. These necklaces are handmade by our in house jeweller with all new materials. We have a range of gemstones with different properties so you can find the perfect necklace for you!


Our crystal collection:

Amethyst - provides protection, promotes well being and is good for stress and anxiety 

Apatite - provides positivity, personal growth and concentration and creativity

Garnet - restores balance, provides protection, gives strength and attracts love and positivity 

Quartz - unconditional love, provides healing and feelings of peace and calm

Tigers Eye - supports wellness, grounding, encourages confidence and brings clarity and focus

Emerald - promotes balance, attracts inspiration and promotes peace and friendship

Malachite - clears negative energy, heals emotions and provides protection and strength

Tourmaline - provides healing energy, grounding and protects from anxiety

Moonstone - smooths stress, promotes inspiration and brings good fortune

Labradorite - awakens inner magic, provides help and healing and reduces stress and anxiety


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