Happy Jewellery Day!


National Jewellery Day

 National Jewellery Day is the celebration of one of the oldest forms of art, the earliest examples of jewellery date back over 25 thousand years ago - a fishbone necklace, while crude and primitive, it is one of the earliest examples of jewellery found to date. Over the years Jewellery evolved to encompass metalworking skills, Gold becoming the favourite of many wealthy dynasties and individuals who sought to flaunt their wealth and status through Jewellery. 

There is a rich and fascinating history behind the evolution of Jewellery design throughout the ages, not just regarding the more well known eras such as Victorian and Edwardian, for example the ancient Egyptians were known to favour Gold jewellery with stunning ornate designs.

Below are a few examples from our collection of stylistic differences in jewellery design throughout the years