Gold Reserves Jewellery Care top tips!

We have come up with some essential care tips for you to take care of your jewellery. 

1. Remove before going to sleep - When you sleep with your jewellery on, you risk breaking it. Chains on pendants can stretch which can weaken them and rings can get caught in your sheets or hair, loosening prongs. It's also possible to damage rings if you accidentally hit them on your nightstand.


2. Remove when entering water - Water, especially hard water, has a high mineral count and will likely affect your silver jewellery. 

Cool temperatures cause your fingers to shrink, creating room for your ring to slip off. And when in water, you may not even notice until it's too late. Before going into a hot tub or swimming pool. 

Chlorine can damage and discolour metals (like gold and platinum) and can slowly erode the finish and polish of gemstones.


3. Neatly store in a jewellery box - At Gold Reserves we give you a jewellery box with every item purchased. If you are not wearing the jewellery the best place to put it is back in the box to keep it safe and out of the air because silver jewellery with start to tarnish once it hits oxygen. 

Jewellery boxes are designed to keep all of your jewels safe, categorised, and easy to find when you're looking to accessorise. They'll keep your jewels dust-free, visible, and safe. 


4. Avoid direct contact with perfume - Consistent exposure to perfume can harm jewellery due to the presence of oils, synthetics including ethyl alcohol, and certain colour dyes. These ingredients can cause jewellery to lose its sheen, erode metal coatings, or create a dull layer making the jewellery appear discoloured.


5. Clean and polish with a soft cloth - We have a range of jewellery cleaning cloths available in store to be used to keep your jewellery clean and polished. 

Polishing is a common way to preserve the shiny finish of jewellery and keep it nice and clean. For the most part, polishing is an effective method of jewellery preservation. Proper maintenance of jewellery can make sure that it lasts for centuries.


6. Remove before working out - 

You risk damaging jewellery, and more importantly your body if a piece of jewellery gets trapped in a piece of gym equipment. Dangling earrings, necklaces and even bracelets can get caught on gym gear so it can be very dangerous. 

Sweat can irritate new piercings, even if you don't have jewellery in them during your workouts. Well-healed piercings should withstand sweat just fine, but certain metals can still irritate your ears when mixed with sweat or extra friction.


We hope these tips are helpful and makes sure your jewellery stays safe and clean!