Especially for you...

We all know diamonds are a girls best friend... but it's time to start befriending the jeweller!

It's good to know that your local jeweller is always there for you... no matter what you want, need or desire! Peter Middleton, of Gold Reserves and The Diamond Mine at Gold Reserves, knows exactly what it takes to make up the perfect piece of brand new diamond jewellery.
The Diamond Mine at Gold Reserves, can create beautiful, bespoke pieces especially for you. Completely made to suit and fit what you want most in a piece of diamond jewellery!

You might have an old diamond ring, handed down from generation to generation and you just don't wear it? Why not make it into a stunning diamond pendant or made into a bracelet?

Even if you don't have any family diamonds and want to design your own piece of jewellery. Make an appointment to come and see Peter at head office to choose what you'd like. Simply pick the stone (diamond etc...) and choose the 'mount' you'd like it to go on, and leave the rest to us! Within a few weeks, you'll have yourself a piece of diamond jewellery to last a lifetime.

Caroline Lewis, a recent customer from the Neath Valley who booked an appointment to see Peter and used the bespoke diamond service said:
"Such a personal service. (Peter) Went above and beyond to make my diamond necklace exactly what i wanted. I would highly recommend the service and will be returning for my next diamond purchase."

It really is time to start investing in diamonds. And with The Diamond Mine, the bespoke diamond service is there to create a timeless piece of jewellery for you, a member of your family or truly special friend.