Different types of rings!

We have put together a blog on all the different types of rings you can get at Gold Reserves for all your ring needs!


Solitaire - The solitaire is a simple design which is perfect for any jewellery look. Diamond solitaires are especially popular and very well known for engagement rings. 

Cluster - The cluster is a classic design that is very popular for an every day ring. You can get diamond clusters, diamond and gemstone cluster, cubic zirconia and gemstone clusters or just cubic zirconia cluster. All of these provide a classic look to elevate any look. 

Antique - If you are looking for a one of a kind antique piece to really stand out we have an antique jewellery collection with some really beautiful unique rings. Our antique collection has some amazing gold diamond set rings going back to the 1800s! 

Solid gold/silver - In our mens collection you can find a range of solid and heavy gold and silver rings. These are especially popular with men who want to show their style off in a unique piece.