Celebrating Cash Mob Day

March 24th marks a unique holiday known as Cash Mob Day, a day dedicated to supporting local businesses by encouraging communities to come together and make purchases from small establishments. For a small jewellery business in South Wales, this day holds special significance—a chance to showcase craftsmanship, connect with the community, and celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship.Our shop exudes charm and character, drawing locals and visitors alike with its glittering displays of handcrafted treasures.

Cash Mob Day is about more than just sales—it's about building connections and fostering a sense of community. As customers browse, conversations spark, stories are shared, and bonds are formed. It's a reminder of the power of small businesses to bring people together, bridging gaps and forging friendships that transcend mere transactions.

We love sharing our passion for vintage and pre-owned jewellery as well as new jewellery with you! Thank you for your continued support.