Best Price Of Gold Today Guaranteed

If you're selling old jewellery or coins, you'll want to ensure you're getting the best price of gold today! Maybe you've inherited some jewellery from a relative or are sorting through your coin collection. No matter what your story, the question everybody asks when selling gold and other precious metals is "what price will I get?". So, how can you tell how much your gold is worth?

Selling you gold jewellery for the best price

Most gold jewellery these days contains an alloy together with other ornamental pieces. Because it is not pure gold, its value is somewhat subjective. A refiner needs to melt it and refine it before turning it into a coin or even more jewellery. This necessary processing can result in your price of gold today attracting a lower second hand price than originally paid.

Selling you gold coins for the best price

Gold coins typically maintain their value very well when reselling. Due to the fact that, gold sovereign coins are generally acknowledged as legal tender, they can normally be resold quickly. As a result of this higher exchangeability, you'll often get a greater resale value from coins. Furthermore, the retail market for coins is extremely dynamic, which means there is for the most part, always a buyer. A straightforward method of determining the price of your gold is simply to multiply the total number of ounces by the price of gold today. This can provide you with an idea of the upper limit of the amount you can look forward to receiving when selling. If you possess a large amount of gold to sell, or have items that the dealer is low on at the time, you may receive a greater resale price. Don't forget that, for any item of jewellery, the vendor will multiply the gold content by the spot price. Therefore, for jewellery that consists of 1 ounce of gold but is only 37.5% pure (as is the case for 9ct Gold), will mean the specialist would pay you for .375 ounces which will be the total gold content of your items.

Gold Reserves guarantees the very best price of gold today. Bring your old unwanted gold down to one of our three stores across Wales and speak to one of our friendly members of staff who will be able to give you an instant valuation and the best price in the country.