Backstage at our Photo Shoot...

Here at Gold Reserve Jewellers, we are working on a big campaign launching late this summer... and we wanted to give you a sneaky peak at the backstage action!
One of our brilliant customers, Deanne Jones from Cardiff has given us a brilliant testimonial on how she sold a lot of unwanted jewellery - gold, broken bits and bobs and 'scraps' that she had lying around the house! Deanne wanted to share her story, so we met up with her at The Celtic Manor in Newport, on a gloriously sunny afternoon this week, to find out all about her experience in the Cardiff Indoor Market store earlier this year!
All will be revealed soon when we launch the brand new campaign featuring Deanne! In the mean time - here's some shots for you to have a look at until our new campaign launches.
Thought about selling your unwanted jewellery? Why not pop in today and see our specialised sales advisors in the Swansea, Cardiff or Llanelli store? You might have a tiny amount of jewellery to get rid of or a lot! It really doesn't matter. Even the tiniest amount of jewellery could be worth MUCH more than you think! Simply pop in to one of our stores, bring some ID with you (drivers licence or utility bill etc) and find out in minutes how much you could be walking away with! Its simple... if you don't want it anymore, simply sell it!