Are you ready for Valentine's Day!? - Here's a bit of help for the men from Gold Reserves

We know what it's like, we've been there before! As all guys are aware at the beginning of February, Valentine's Day is only just around the corner and our lovely missus' are expecting at least a little treat! There's basically 5 options when it comes to Valentine's Day as I see it:
  • Flowers - a nice touch but been done to death and probably should be given anyway
  • Dinner out - Brilliant if you reserved a table last year!
  • Day out - Have you remembered to ask your boss for the day off? Oh and it is February lads, the girls don't like the cold!
  • A surprise treat - This one sends panic coursing through our blood, you have to use a lot of initiative!
  • A nice piece of jewellery - Now there's an idea! Lasts forever and is a classic treat. Plus it doesn't have to cost you a fortune
Well luckily this year we're offering some practical help both in terms of stunning gifts and also better value for money! We've bought a new shop and need to sell off all the stock of silver jewellery to make way for new lines. There's now 50% off all marked prices on great gift ideas like the ones in the pictures below. You can also claim the offer via our Facebook Page: GoldReservesUK