All about Welsh Gold

Welsh Gold has a special kind of appeal, certainly in its home country here: the Welsh adore their native Gold and the beautiful jewellery crafted from it holds a high level of prestige in this country.

So what is it? Welsh Gold is an extremely scarce type of Gold found only in two mines, both located (as the name implies) in Wales. It is essentially the same as regular Gold, its origin within Wales makes it so desirable, its value being derived from the pride of the Welsh within their country, as well as it's aforementioned scarcity. It is commonly blended with copper to create a rich tone of Rose Gold that many are familiar with today. 

The most well known suppliers of Welsh Gold jewellery are Clogau and Cymru Metals. 

Clogau are a reputable company when it comes to their use of Welsh Gold, their iconic tree of life designs are instantly recognisable and have spread outside the reaches of Wales with a number of stores in England. They are well known for their beautiful designs as well as the deep meaning embedded in their jewellery.

Cymru metals are a lesser known but still highly respected company, creating mostly high quality wedding bands. Unlike Clogau, Cymru metals do not just use 9ct Gold, they also have a variety of 18ct pieces, their heavy wedding bands being the most well-known, especially among the older generations. Their designs, while simple, are made to a high standard and are generally quite valuable.

Welsh Gold Jewellery offers people a chance to own a rare and unique piece of Wales. With a wide variety of designs and prices there is something for everyone!