We won’t be beaten on price

Calculating Your Diamond Price

You’ll definitely receive the best diamond price from Gold Reserves, with its specialist diamond valuation team, compared to a pawnbroker that doesn’t employ professionals. At Gold Reserves we will buy virtually all diamond jewellery, no matter what condition.

So what’s you Diamond Jewellery Really worth?

Unfortunately not probably not what you originally paid. Whenever you sell second hand diamond jewellery, they usually retrieve between 20% and 50% of the initial retail diamond price, unless you are lucky enough to have antique pieces.

Why is the difference so great?

The retail diamond price is usually well over twice the wholesale price in the diamond market. This is because retailers have significant operational costs, such as rent, rates, wages, marketing, credit card fees etc. Retailers buy the diamond jewellery from manufacturers, then add their necessary profit margin and subsequently 20% VAT has to be added.

Gold Reserves Guarantees Get The Best Diamond Price Possible

As a business that is dedicated to our professional valuation and assessment process, our diamond experts have an understanding of the market and understand exactly how to ensure you get the best possible price for your diamonds.

Why Sell To Us?

By selling your jewellery to a business that correctly grades and values diamonds, you can expect to optimise your potential to achieve as much of the initial retail purchase price as possible. At Gold Reserves, you will always get the higher diamond prices because of our trained gemmologists, when compared with other gold buyers and pawnbrokers who are incapable of grading and valuating diamonds.

My price promise to you!

“I will beat any genuine quotation you obtain from one of our competitors. If some of your items are re-saleable I can offer you more than the scrap buyers.”
Peter Middleton, Director at Gold Reserves

Ready to Sell Diamonds at Gold Reserves?

With over 100 years of combined experience in jewellery industry, Gold Reserves are leading industry experts in metal and gem appraisal and analysis. Our method ensures that you’ll get the very best price for your diamonds or jewellery fast.

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